Free Dating Sites- Making First Contact

So you think you've meet someone great. You've exchanged a few emails, maybe even talked on the phone a little. Now you're ready to take the next big step and meet in person.

Dating Tip Number 1:

Remember, safety first. You don't really know the person very well at this point. Don't have them pick you up, but instead meet at a public place. Also, it's a good idea not to tell them where you live until you know them better. Building trust in any relationship takes time.

Dating Tip Number 2:

Be honest about yourself, your interests and what you're looking for. Also, be sure to ask good questions, but don't go overboard. Remember to respect the other persons privacy. If you don't find true love, at least you may still make a good friends.

Dating Tip Number 3:

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. This goes double for online dating. So be sure to put your best foot forward, and make a great impression. This is why it is important to take some time and think about what you are going to write. Be careful not to come off as trying too hard. You don't need to bore the other person with a 5 hour saga of the your life story.

Dating Tip Number 4:

Try something new and adventurous together. Instead of going on the same old boring dates, why not try something original. Maybe take a cooking class together, or go for a wine tasting. Chances are the other person will have fun and you'll win points for being original.

Dating Tip Number 5:

Don't come on too strong. Keep flirting or sexual conversation to a bare minimum in your first contact. Many girls can be turn people off if they think you're just looking for one thing.

Dating Tip Number 6:

Don't send multiple emails without getting at least one reply back. Some people only check their profiles every now and then and they also may be very busy. Be patient and wait a few days, if no reply send a short and sweet follow up message that you where wondering if they received your message. If you don't get a response move on, chances are they are not interested or they have not logged into their account for a long time?

Dating Tip Number 7:

Ask good questions that show you're interested in the other person. People are interested in those who take an interest in them, so don't forget to ask questions about them. Asking good questions shows that you are interested in learning more about them.

Dating Tip Number 8:

Before you meet up, you may want to re-read their online dating profile page just to refresh your self. You don't want to show up and not remember even the basic facts that they've told you about themselves. If you share the same interests then this could be a very good conversation builder. Example - The other person also likes music or travel, then that gives you something to talk about.


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